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General Liability: You understand and agree that Global IT Experts, Inc. our business shall under no circumstance be responsible for any training program not attended by the candidate in scheduled time and date. The company strongly recommends that you at all times maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery regarding account, password, files, documents and security. The company is not liable for any incidental or consequential lost damage to the customer. Our claim will only be limited to the extent of refund policy mentioned in the website.

Service Scope:
• Online training through web based software Zoom.
• Dedicated industry oriented trainers to provide online training in respective skill set.

Service Availability:

Service coverage parameters specific to the services covered in this agreement are as follows:

• Telephone Support: 10.30 AM to 6.30 PM from Monday to Friday (Central Standard Time)
• Online Chat Support: 10.30 AM to 6.30 PM from Monday to Friday (Central Standard Time)
• Voicemail Support: Calls received after the office hours will be forwarded to Voicemail and Voicemails will be followed up the next working day.
• Email Support: 24 x 7 email support

Note: Best way to reach is via email if not reachable through phone or online chat support.

1) It is the candidate’s responsibility to acquire all necessary software if required to maintain connectivity and to combat the menace of internet hacking, such as but not limited to anti-virus, firewalls, VPN etc.

2) The company is not responsible anyway for the software you are using for the training purpose and also the company is not responsible for the information you are providing for your background verification check.

3) You will not use the information obtained as a result of this training in any way against the company or its employees.

4) In case the training has to be stopped / cancelled because of ‘Acts- of-God’ such as but not limited to sickness, earthquake, storm or any other natural disaster or reasons, the company will refund to candidates prorated training fees.

5) If the training doesn’t start after 30 days of the tentative start date of the training, the company will refund the full money collected as training fees within 7 business days.

6) The company will only entertain any claims for refunds if and only if for a valid reason with supporting documents you cannot take the training or quit the training program and accordingly if you inform the company within 3 calendar days of signing the enrollment form, Global IT Experts Inc. training partner Ayant Software Pvt. Ltd. will refund 70% of the training fees/ security deposit which the candidate have paid and if after 3 days of enrollment/ training start date, the candidate want to quit or discontinue with the training program for any reason whatsoever the company will not refund any money which the candidate have paid as the training fees/ security deposit.

7) The company reserves 48 hours every month for servicing and maintenance. These 48 hours can be together spread over the 30-day cycle. If for any reason the outage of service lasts more than the scheduled hours, the company will compensate lost time with equal time.

8) The company reserves the right to pull any candidate out of the training with assigning a valid reason as per its own discretion. In such an incident the company will prorate the number of hours attended by the candidate and refunds the rest of the money on a prorate basis.

9) Please understand that all communications should be via E-Mail and no E-Mails received from any other E-Mail addresses other than the one/ones registered while subscribing will be entertained.

10) The company will entertain any issues or queries only from the registered candidate only. Issues of registered candidate’s spouse, husband, wife, son, daughter, friends, fiance or colleagues will not be entertained at all.

11) Re-Scheduling of classes will be at the sole discretion of the company management depending on trainer’s availability.

12) If the candidate is absconding without any notice, the company will not refund any money which the candidate have paid as the training fees.

13) All the payment will be process through Global IT Experts. Inc. training partner Ayant Software Pvt. Ltd.

14) Our services are totally online based and we do not sell and send any tangible product to the buyer.

Skill Upgradation Programme

Skill Upgradation Programme

Global IT Experts, Inc. enjoys the exclusive concession of being the specialized IT Staffing service company which is offering professional training on various technical and application courses. Our customized courses present an effectual blend of career oriented intellectual content, practical learning concepts and a real world case study. We offer quality, career orientated authorized training to all aspiring IT professionals and fresh graduates.

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